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Connectify Dispatch + Connectify Hotspot Professional v4. – Final 

Connectify Dispatch v4.2 is here. This new Dispatch release adds features and improvements while fixing several bugs from the v4.1 release

• User Interface Improvements: Better use of vertical space. Adapters keep the same colors across all pages and graphs in the application.
• Improved support system: After running the troubleshooter, you’ll be directed to your Dispatch profile page for further assistance, and a simpler way to submit your ticket to Connectify Support
• Improved Dominate algorithm: correctly uses adapters whose bandwidth values are manually overridden
• Feature: Improved tooltips throughout application
• Feature: Changing a connection to “Backup” now prompts to ask user whether to break any sockets that are currently active.
• Feature: Dispatch now warns user with a message at top of Dashboard when DNS errors are detected, and suggests using the DNS Override option.
• Feature: Support for subscriptions. Users can now pay for the software via subscription, instead of a one-time license.
• Feature: Longer graph length options in Dashboard.
• BUGFIX: Green line for speed of fastest connection is now for the fastest connection that you are allowing Dispatch to use.
• BUGFIX: Shows less messages when the computer wakes from hibernation.
• BUGFIX: More accurate Reliability metrics in the Dashboard.
• BUGFIX: When adapters are removed from the system, they no longer instantly disappear from the graphs.


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